4 Things That Can Damage Your Vehicle's Windshield

Since most people are in and out of their cars almost every day, it's hard to avoid normal wear and tear, such as nail-punctured tires and soiled floorboards and seats. One thing that is very important to avoid damaging, however, is your windshield.

Even though windshields are made of durable glass made to withstand natural elements such as wind, rain and ice, and light pressure, there are several things that can cause it to crack or chip. In the event that your vehicle's windshield is damaged, try and replace the glass as soon as possible, as cracks can impair your view and even shatter during an accident. 

Here are four common ways that automobile windshields are damaged and how to avoid them:

1. Construction Vehicles

One of the most likely ways your vehicle's windshield will get cracked is by following a construction vehicle carrying gravel. While driving down the road, the small pebbles can fly at your windshield, causing a small puncture. Over time, long cracks will begin to form from the puncture, resulting in long, unsightly streaks across the windshield. Avoid this situation by switching lanes when you're behind one of these vehicles.

Another thing to avoid if possible is driving on gravel roads, which can kick up small pebbles that may hit your windshield. One small crack can lead to a big headache in a short amount of time. 

2. All Types of Accidents 

It's obvious that car accidents can cause your automobile's windshield to crack, but other daily accidents can cause damage as well. If you're parked near a golf course, a stray ball can accidentally shatter the glass, for instance.

A baseball, soccer, or any other type of ball being thrown by nearby kids can also put your windshield at risk. Pay attention to your surroundings and move your car if need be. 

3. Hail 

Pieces of hail, which are small ice balls that can sometimes occur prior to severe spring and summer storms, can also strike and shatter a windshield. If you have access to a garage or carport, store your car in or under it until the storm is over.

4. Pressure 

While most windshields can withstand a lot pressure, avoid letting kids sit on top of your car and lean against the glass, or press up against it for any other reason. Also, be careful when washing your vehicle either yourself or at a commercial car wash. A host equipped with a very high-pressure nozzle can damage the glass, as can small pebbles or other debris trapped in a sponge or cleaning cloth. 

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