Can I Replace The Glass In My Car Myself?

Most car owners pride themselves on doing some kind of DIY work to maintain their vehicles. They love being able to change their own oil, rotate their tires, or even rebuild the entire engine from the comfort of their own home. Performing your own auto glass replacement though is one of those services that is best left up to the professionals, for a variety of different reasons.

It's Not Easy

Despite the fact that most DIY auto glass replacement kits are advertised as being incredibly simple, doing it correctly requires a lot of skill and experience that most shade tree mechanics don't have. Everything from removing the old glass safely to installing and sealing the new glass needs to be precise, or else air pockets can create a sharp whistling sound as you drive and let in water when it rains.

Moreover, taking the car door apart to actually reach the glass (if installing a window in the doors instead of the windshield) requires a certain level of technical knowledge to accomplish. Most companies that offer auto glass replacement services have people on staff that are familiar with all the different types of makes and models, so they know how to take the door apart and put it back together.

It's Unsafe

Even if you're able to get the windshield replaced correctly, there's always the possibility of dropping the glass and shattering all over the floor, causing severe injuries in the process. Most auto glass replacement takes two people to do it right anyways because the glass and car doors can be heavy. Once the glass is installed though, you're still not out of the woods yet. Since the windshield makes up part of the structural integrity of the vehicle, the slightest imperfection can result in a simple collision becoming a major accident, even if it seems like it was installed correctly.

It Won't Look Good

At home repair kits use chemical compounds that are approved for consumer markets; even though they're easier to use, they'll never look as good as their commercial counterparts. The same goes for auto glass replacement. At-home kits are designed to be more universal, so the tools and windows you receive may not look exactly right for your car. Getting one from the junkyard won't look as good either since it'll be weathered and possibly even chipped. Auto glass replacement services use new glass that is custom-fitted for your car, so you know that when you get it back, it'll look as good as new.