The Importance of Having Adequate Insurance

Hefty monthly payments often come with car insurance. Car make, car model, car year, and the insured person's gender and age are all factors in determining the cost of insurance. To lower the cost, some individuals will play around with deductible limits and even eliminate add-ons like roadside assistance or comprehensive insurance, if the state allows. While it seems a good idea to adjust your coverage, this could come at a price.

Let's take a look at comprehensive coverage. This coverage covers damage done to your vehicle in cases of vandalism, fire, theft, weather damage, and so forth regardless of who is at fault in the incident. Comprehensive coverage can help in cases such as when your car is damaged in your driveway due to large trees either in your yard or in the yard of your neighbors. You could also find your car damaged when you are driving back and forth to work and a rock pops up from the road and puts a crack in your windshield.

If you have comprehensive coverage, your windshield-replacement services will be covered. In cases of broken windows, you will immediately inform your insurance agency to set up a claim. Once done, you will need to find windshield-replacement services such as Source Auto Glass in your area. Once you locate a repair service, an insurance adjuster may come out to your vehicle's location to complete an assessment of the vehicle. They will establish an estimate and give you the cost, less your deductible, toward the repairs. Afterward, the window-replacement service technician will have a look at the vehicle. Once they have looked over the vehicle, they will put an order in for windshield glass.

Prior to replacing your windshield, the mechanic will prep the vehicle by taking off attachments near the windshield, such as mirrors and windshield-wiper blades. Once removed, the vents will be covered with plastic to ensure they do not become blocked or incur any damages. The service technician will then inspect the rubber gasket for damages. If there are any found, the gasket will be replaced. Otherwise it will be separated from the glass to easily slip the broken glass out. Once removed, the service technician will wipe around the frame to remove debris. The gasket is then replaced then the glass. Once in place, the glass will be sealed off using a sealant, and then the remaining sealant will be wiped away. Your car is now ready for the road.

Now imagine if you didn't have comprehensive coverage. Your car would be undriveable and battered. No one wants an unusable car, so it's important to have adequate insurance coverage.